Cover of BRANDED BY THE PINK TRIANGLE by Ken Setterington

BOOK JACKET BLURB: Before the rise of the Nazi party, Germany, especially Berlin, was one of the most tolerant places for homosexuals in the world. Activists, including Thomas Mann and Albert Einstein, campaigned openly for the rights of gay men and women, and tried to repeal the old existing law against homosexuality. But all that would change when the Nazis came to power and existence for gay people turned into one of fear. Raids, arrests, prison sentences and expulsions became the daily reality. When the concentration camps were built, homosexuals were imprisoned along with Jews and any other groups the Nazis wanted to suppress.

The pink triangle, sewn onto prison uniforms, became the symbol of the persecution of homosexuals, a persecution that would continue for many years after the war. A mix of historical research, first person accounts, and individual stories bring this time to life for readers. Stories of bravery in the face of inhuman cruelty, friendship found in the depths of despair in the camps, and the perseverance of the human spirit will both educate and inspire.

Published by Second Story Press, 2013, $15.95
120 pages
Release date: April 15, 2013
ISBN: 9781926920962


2014 Stonewall Book Awards, Stonewall Honor Books in Children’s and Young Adult Literature


Kirkus, June 18, 2013


Jewish Book Council

Archived Reviews (Posted by the New York Public Library)


The Globe and Mail, February 26, 2013


The Toronto Review of Books, November 14, 2013


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ken.setterington

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kidsbooks

Second Story Press: http://secondstorypress.ca/authors/184-ken-setterington

Photo of Ken Setterington

Photo of Ken Setterington



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