Double Exposure

Cover of DOUBLE EXPOSURE by Bridget Birdsall

BOOK JACKET BLURB: High school drama, basketball team rivalries, and one girl who has a deep and intensely personal secret.

Fifteen-year-old Alyx Atlas was born intersexed. But it’s a secret she’s not willing to broadcast to the world, especially now that she’s uprooted her life in California for a new one in the industrial city of Milwaukee. Armed with a new identity of sorts, Alyx is determined to enjoy high school and keep out of the spotlight.

Alyx quickly makes new friends, earns a coveted spot on the girls’ varsity basketball team, and for the first time in her life starts to feel like she fits in. That is, until her prowess on the court proves too much for the jealous, hotheaded Pepper Pitmani, who sets out to uncover the secret Alyx desperately wants to keep hidden. A dangerous game of truth or dare exposes Alyx’s difference and will disqualify her entire basketball team from competing in the state championships unless Alyx can prove, once and for all, who she is. But will Alyx find the courage to stand up for the truth of her personhood, or will she do what she’s always done–run away? Whatever she decides, she knows there’s much more at stake than a championship win.

Published by Sky Pony Press, 2014, $16.95
304 pages
Release date: November 11, 2014
ISBN: 9781629146065


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Author’s website: http://bridgetbirdsall.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bridgetbirdy3

Photo of Bridget Birdsall

Photo of Bridget Birdsall


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