Cover for IF YOU COULD BE MINE by Sara Farizan

Cover for IF YOU COULD BE MINE by Sara Farizan

BOOK JACKET BLURB: Seventeen-year-old Sahar has been in love with her best friend, Nasrin, since they were six. They’ve shared stolen kisses and romantic promises. But Iran is a dangerous place for two girls in love–Sahar and Nasrin could be beaten, imprisoned, even executed if their relationship came to light. So they carry on in secret–until Nasrin’s parents announce that they’ve arranged for her marriage. Nasrin tries to persuade Sahar that they can go on as they had before , only now with new comforts provided by the decent, well-to-do doctor Nasrin  will marry. But Sahar dreams of loving Nasrin exclusively–and openly. Then Sahar discovers what seems like the perfect solution. In Iran, homosexuality may be a crime , but to be a man trapped in a woman’s body is seen as nature’s mistake, and sex reassignment is legal and accessible. As a man, Sahar could be the one to marry Nasrin. Sahar will never be able to love the one she wants in the body she wants to be loved in without risking her life. Is saving her love worth sacrificing her true self?

Published by Algonquin Young Readers, 2013, $16.95
256 pages
Release date: August 1, 2013
ISBN:  9781616202514
Agent: Leigh Feldman / Writers House


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/SaraFarizan

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/525689014152224/?ref=22

Photo of Sara Farizan

Photo of Sara Farizan

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