Cover image of WILDTHORN by Jane Eagland

Cover image of WILDTHORN by Jane Eagland

BOOK JACKET BLURB: Louisa Cosgrove is Louise Cosgrove–not Lucy Childs. Or, is she? A horse-drawn carriage takes her to the wrong place: Wildthorn Hall, an asylum for the insane. This must be a great misunderstanding. They strip her naked, of everything–undo her whalebone corset book by hook. They take her identity. But she is still seventeen–still Louisa Cosgrove–isn’t she?

To untangle the mysterious, wretched present, she remembers the past.

I wished I were a boy.

Locked away in the dingy bowels of the hall, she feels a fire burn inside her. She remembers her cousin. She remembers Papa.

I want to be a doctor.

She is determined to escape–and only love will set her free.

First novel for Jane Eagland

Published by Houghton Mifflin, 2010, $16.00
350 pages
Release date: September 01, 2010
ISBN 9780547370170

Note: This book was first published in the UK by Young Picador in 2009.



“Jane Eagland on on Changing the Sexuality of Characters on Editor’s Request,” Once Upon a Bookcase
July 20, 2013


“Moonlight on Jane Eagland,” Moonlight Book Reviews
October 11, 2010

Armadillo Magazine
Winter 2010


Publishers Weekly, September 6, 2010


Author’s website: http://www.janeeagland.com/

Headshot of Jane Eagland

Headshot of Jane Eagland

Whisper My Name (2010)

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